Global Securities is an independent company that provides capital market brokerage services to individuals and financial institutions; local and international investors.

Accomplishing many “first”s in Turkey, the company was founded in 1990, and in 2004 with the foundation of Global Holding, existing licences were passed on to the newly founded Global Securities. (1st of October 2004, Trade Registry Nr: 534320)

In June 2011, 25% of the shares of Global Securities was offered to the public.

The company was configured with the vision of being a pioneer of the sector in Turkey, a leading and dependable brokerage institution; the strategy of serving its clients with the accumulation of information and experience.

Global, with its many accomplishments throughout Turkey, has received almost 40 international awards. The company also won “The non-bank intermediary institution with the biggest trading volume since the foundation of Borsa Istanbul” in 2010.

Global, that has mediated close to 80 corporations establish an initial public offering, has also provided 5 billion dollars to the Turkish Capital Market.

Global Securities provides fast communication to its clients through 3 branches executing extensive domestic sales network and the investment center 444 0 321, its website .


1990  -  
Global Securities was founded with 5 people and 5.000 TL capital

1995  -  Global Securities was introduced to the public in Borsa Istanbul

1998  -  Global Portfolio Management Inc. was founded

2000  -  Global Securities reached 607 empolyee and 29 branches throughout the world

2004  -  Global Investment Holding Inc. was founded. Existing marketable securities were passed on to the newly founded Global Securities Inc.

2010  -  Global Securities celebrated its 20. Foundation Anniversary

2011  -  A 50% partnership with the Germany based Corporate Finance company IEG was established, hence IEG-Global Corporate Finance Company was founded
Global Securities went public in Borsa Istanbul

2015  -  Global Securities announced that it had completed the acquisition of 100% of Eczacıbaşı Securities.
Global Securities celebrated its 25th. Foundation Anniversary


The shareholder structure as of 31-12-2023 are as follows;

  Share % Number of Shares Amount- TL
GFS Holding A.Ş. 75,00 30.000.000
Free Float 25,00 10.000.000
Total 100,00 40.000.000